Frontline Health Workers

Frontline Health Workers

Meet some of the the women and men who work every day to help keep the beat alive.

Your donations can help train frontline health workers and provide the tools they need to save millions of children around the world.


Every community has unique needs but here is a sample of what a health worker toolkit might include.

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  • Timer for respiratory tracking
    Respiratory rate timers assist trained frontline health workers in distinguishing between a common cold and pneumonia, a potentially fatal infection that can be treated with antibiotics.
    Plumpy'nut is a peanut-based paste rich in vitamins, minerals and calories that helps promote rapid weight gain in children suffering from malnutrition. It doesn't need water or refrigeration and lasts for two years.
    ORS packets are a life-saving mainstay to treat acute watery diarrhea - the most common type - in the home. Diarrhea is the second biggest killer of children worldwide.
    By sleeping under nets treated with insecticides, mothers and their children can reduce their risks of being bitten by malaria-infected mosquitos, especially in Sub-Saharan Africa.
    Twelve doses of Vitamin A complete the childhood requirement for this life-saving nutritional supplement. It can help decrease deaths from diseases such as diarrhea, pneumonia and measles and can help prevent a major cause of blindness.
  • Antimalarialmedication
    Effective anti-malarial treatment within the first 24 hours of malaria fever onset is critical to saving the lives of children. Artemesinin-based Combination Therapy (ACT) is the principle treatment in most countries.
  • Rapid diagnostic test (RDT) for Malaria
    RDTs are a simple, fast and affordable method to identify malaria parasites in blood. This is key to ensuring quick and appropriate treatment for vulnerable children.
  • Cotrimoxazole
    Cotrimoxazole syrup is a low-cost, highly effective regimen for community-based treatment of pneumonia-the number one killer of children under five.
    Keeping babies warm is important. Hats and blankets help prevent newborn hypothermia and infections, ultimately helping to improve their chances of survival.
    Amoxicillin tablets are the recommended treatment for childhood pneumonia here in the US and around the world.
  • ZINC
    Diarrhea is a leading cause of death among children in developing countries. Using zinc together with oral rehydration therapy not only significantly reduces the severity of the illness but prevents future diarrhea episodes.