Save the Children and OneRepublic make beautiful music together!

Save the Children and OneRepublic make beautiful music together!

In August, OneRepublic released their hit single, “Feel Again,” which was inspired by the heartbeats of children from Guatemala and Malawi. As the theme song for the Every Beat Matters campaign, it aims to raise awareness of the almost 7 million under-5 deaths that occur every year, mostly from preventable and treatable causes, and the universal and urgent need for more trained health workers who can provide lifesaving care to the world’s most vulnerable children.

This week, in celebration of the band’s new album, Native, we are launching our special edition music video for “Feel Again” featuring never-before-seen footage of the band in their studio and Ryan Tedder’s trip to see Save the Children’s health and nutrition programs in Guatemala.

"As soon as we heard about the Every Beat Matters campaign, we knew we wanted to be involved," said Ryan Tedder, lead singer for OneRepublic. "My trip to Guatemala showed me firsthand what Save the Children does for kids around the world. It was a special experience.'

The key to helping save more children around the world is to ensure that they not only have adequate health care through the age of 5, but also that their mothers receive proper prenatal care and their families are counseled about nutrition and disease prevention. Every day, health workers on the front lines are providing this kind of attention to communities all over the world.

Help spread the word about the lifesaving care health workers provide by checking out our new video and sharing it with your friends!

- The Every Beat Matters campaign